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VLTI Calibrator Selector

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Band / Disperser / FTracker:

Target Definition

Target Coordinates

Right Ascension: hh mm ss Declination: dd mm ss
Right Ascension: deg (decimal) Declination: deg (decimal)
Target Name: Target coords found using Simbad Web App

Target Magnitude

Magnitude at Band of Observation:
Magnitude at H band:
Magnitude at V band:

Target Diameter

Single disc diameter: mas

Observation Setup


Universal Time:
Date: year: month: day:
Start: h m s
End: h m s
Local Sidereal Time:
Start: h m
End: h m
Hour Angle:
Start: h m
End: h m

Baseline Configuration

UT and AT telescopes cannot be combined
VLTI station layout
VLTI Station Positions

Sky Conditions

Turbulence Category:

Search Criteria

Angular Distance: min: max: degrees
Magnitude Difference: min: max:
Magnitude difference relative to the target. Range: [Target_Mag+min : Target_Mag-max]
Calibrator Diameter: min: max: mas
Spectral Type:
min: max:
Luminosity Class: min: max:
Quality Flag: min: max:

Sorting Criteria

Sort by: Number of entries: Sort order:

Astrometry mode (provides parallaxes and proper motions)

This software has been developed in collaboration with the Jean-Marie Mariotti Center and incorporates its JMMC Stellar Diameter Catalog. For research purposes using this catalog, we recommend the following acknowledgement.