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With the configuration previously specified, in the V band the sky magnitude is 21.8 so:

\begin{displaymath}M_{V}=21.8\Longrightarrow Z_{V}=7.4425\Longrightarrow
~J\cdot s^{-1}\cdot m^{-2}\cdot \mu m^{-1}\cdot arcsec^{-2}

\begin{displaymath}\displaystyle\left(\frac{F}{P}\right)_{Obj}=190.494940468~ph\cdot s^{-1}\cdot m^{-2}\cdot\mu m^{-1}\cdot arcsec^{-2}

Using the dispersion value $\Delta _{i}$, the telescope surface S, the exposure time T and the efficiency E as specified before, and taking in count theat the plate scale is 0.08 arcsecbin, we get


So we get

\begin{displaymath}N_{Sky}=\frac{F\cdot \Delta_{i}\cdot T\cdot E\cdot S\cdot\Omega}{P}= 29.7034950772\cdot~cnts\slash bin
\end{displaymath} (2.18)

The ETC for SUSI2 with the input parameter as specified above predicts NETC=30.22 cntsbin.

Pascal Ballester