JAVA GraphS On-Line Help

The graphics displayed can be interactively manipulated. On a Java enabled browser the following events are supported:


Mouse Down, Drag, Up
By pressing the mouse button and dragging it across the screen the scale of the plot can be altered. With the release of the mouse button the plot is redrawn using the new scale. This can be used to zoom in on a section of the plot. Data outside the plot is clipped.

Keypress R
By pressing R the plot is rescaled back to the default scale of the data.

Keypress r
By pressing r the plot is repainted. This is useful when scrolling the page as scrolling can effect the plot in odd ways.

Keypress c
This event will popup/hide (if visible) a window which will track the position of the cursor across the plot. The position is scaled to the axis of the plot. This feature used in conjuction with the mouse dragging allows for greater control.

Keypress d
This event will popup a window that will display the closest data point to the cursor. Repeated pressing of the key while moving the cursor will display the closest data point to the cursor. A black dot will be plotted over the data point to indicate which data point has been found.

Use Keypress r to refresh the plot and erase the black dots.

Keypress D
This event will hide the closest data point window.
Keypress m
This event will popup a window that will allow the user to enter from the keyboard the plot range. This can be used instead of the mouse drag capability, and to increase the range of the plot.
Keypress h
This event caught in any of the popup windows will hide that window. This allows the user to hide windows even if the graph canvas itself is nolonger visible.

The SUSI graphics page has been realized with the Java Graph Class Library, version 2.3.